Here you will find transcribed a number of files which, it has been determined, crossed the desk of a certain chain-smoking, balding, bespectacled bureaucrat of middling rank at the headquarters of a secret service of some Soviet satellite state at some point, most probably during the latter quarter of the 1980s.


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The operative in question, who has been given the codename Comrade Носач, appears not to have been part of the upper echelons of the service and, instead of more glamourous assignments - honeytraps, dead drops, car chases and the like - Comrade Носач was given other windmills to tilt at, namely the task of sifting through information on a variety of arcane, non-urgent subjects for reasons which are not immediately apparent.

Like Atlantis.

Yes, Atlantis.

I mean, come on!

The fate of Comrade Носач after he hung up his shit-brown suit and matching tie for the last time remains unclear. It is speculated that he was possibly rewarded with a lifelong full-board holiday in sunny Siberia for his carelessness in allowing the interception of these files and that he ended his days there, possibly due to complications arising from chronic bronchitis.

The documents are in the process of being transcribed as the originals are deemed dangerous, largely due to the aroma of cheap cigarettes and cheaper Cologne which, in combination with the musty notes associated with decades-old paper, are suspected to present a possible risk of chemical contamination.

Please note this is a fictional conceit. Any similarities to the careers of apparatchiks living or deceased is purely coincidental.

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