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  • Ɔbɔadeɛ, Anansi Kokuroko, Odomankoma, Brekyirihunuade, Nyame, Nyankopon
    Creator in Akan and mythology.
  • Abassi
    Creator in Efik mythology.
  • Agunua
    Creator snake in San Cristobal mythology.
  • Ahura Mazda, Ohrmazd
    Good god in Zoroastrianism.
  • Aido Hwedo, the "Rainbow Serpent"
    Primordial figure in Fon mythology.
  • Aikut
    Creation of Coyote in Nisenan mythology.
  • Akakaanebe, Gelanebe ("Ancestors")
    Earliest population according to the Hadza, being a race of hairy giants.
  • Akongo
    Paramount creator in Ngombe mythology.
  • Alalu
    First king of heaven in Hurrian & Hittite mythology.
  • Alatangana
    Primordial rival of Sa in Kono mythology.
  • Altjira
    Creator in Arrernte mythology.
  • Amma
    First being in Dogon mythology.
  • Amotken
    Creator in Interior Salish mythology.
  • Amun
    Chief deity of Thebes, creator there under the guises of Kematef and Irta. Also a member of the Hermopolitan Ogdoad. Name of Re in the Esna creation story.
  • Ananse
    Trickster and creator in Ashante mythology.
  • Andronga 'ba o'bapiri
    Creator in Lugbara mythology.
  • Aŋra Mainyu, Ahriman
    Evil god in Zoroastrianism.
  • Anguta
    Creator in Oqomiut mythology.
  • Anjir
    Primordial giant in Kokowarra mythology.
  • Anu, An
    Lord of heaven in Mesopotamian mythology.
  • Apsû
    Primordial being in the Enûma Eliš.
  • Ara
    Primordial being in Iban mythology.
  • Areop-Enap
    Creator in the mythology of Nauru.
  • Asase Ya ("Earth")
    Primordial entity in Krachi mythology.
  • Asis
    Sun god and creator in Dorobo/Nandi mythology.
  • Atai
    Wife of Abassi in Efik mythology.
  • Aten, pa Aten
    Sun disk and deity of Atenism.
  • Atum
    Major creator god of Heliopolis and ancestor of the Psḏt or Ennead.
  • Auðumla
    Primordial cow in Norse mythology.
  • Aymasune
    The Yurucare hold this figure responsible for the fiery conflagration that destroyed the former world.
  • Baatsi
    Creator in Efé mythology.
  • Baiame, Baayami, Byamee
    Creator in Gamilaraay mythology.
  • Barnumbirr
    Creator in Yolŋu mythology.
  • Bathala, Bathala Meycapal
    Creator in Tagalog mythology.
  • Bhagavan
    Creator in Gond mythology.
  • Bochia
    Sun god and creator in Muysca mythology.
  • Brahma
    Creator in Hinduism.
  • Buninka
    Primordial villain and demiurge in Tungusic mythology.
  • Bunjil
    Creator in Kulin mythology.
  • Chagan-Shukuty
    Assistant of Otsirvani in Siberian mythology.
  • Chaos
    First principle in Greek mythology.
  • Chareya ("Old Man Above")
    Creator in Shasta mythology.
  • Cheonjiwang ("King of the Heavens and the Earth")
    Creator in the Korean Cheonjiwang Bonpuri.
  • Chukwu, Chineke
    Creator in Nri and Igbo mythology.
  • Cōātlīcue, Tēteoh īnnān ("Mother of the gods")
    Primordial figure in Aztec mythology.
  • "Condor"
    Important figure in Wiyot mythology.
  • "Cougar"
    Companion of Coyote in Pomo mythology.
  • "Coyote"
    A popular figure in North American mythologies, Coyote stories can be found among the Achomawi, Akimel O'odham, Chelan, Kootenay, Kuupanqaxwichen, Nez Perce, Nisenan, Pohonichi, Pomo (as Kunula), Shasta, Yinnuwok and the Yokut.
  • Daiiru
    Armadillo and assistant to Karusakaibo in Munduruc mythology.
  • Dâyuni'sï
    Water beetle and first being on earth in Cherokee mythology.
  • Dhyang Adugø, Dean Aduk
    Primordial white cow in Shilluk mythology.
  • Dilga
    Primordial figure in Karadjeri mythology.
  • Dirawong ("Goanna")
    Creator in Bundjalung mythology.
  • Dobitt
    Creator in Mosetene mythology.
  • Dohkwibuhch
    Creator in Snohomish mythology.
  • Doondari, Gueno
    Primordial figure in Fulani mythology.
  • "Eagle"
    Primordial being in Salinan mythology.
  • "Earth-Initiate"
    Primordial sky being in Maidu mythology.
  • Ebenga
    Hairy partner of Mbokomu in Ngombe mythology.
  • Enki, Ea
    Important deity in Mesopotamian mythology.
  • Enlil
    Important deity in Mesopotamian mythology.
  • Eri
    Demiurge in Nri mythology.
  • "Father-of-the-Secret-Society"
    Primordial being in Maidu mythology.
  • Fam ("Power")
    Firstborn of creation in Fang mythology.
  • Fidi Mkullu
    Creator in Baluba and Basonge mythology.
  • "First Creator"
    Creator in Mandan mythology.
  • "Flat Pipe"
    Primordial being in Arapaho mythology.
  • Glooscap, Kloskurbeh
    Important culture hero in Abenaki, Algonquin and Mi'kmaq mythology.
  • "Great Spirit"
    Creator in many North American mythologies.
  • Hactcin
    Primordial being (or beings) in Chiricahua and Jicarilla Apache mythology.
  • Halai Auna
    Primordial figure in Yana mythology.
  • "Hawk"
    Companion of Coyote in Pomo mythology.
  • Hesaketvmese, Ibofanga
    Creator in Creek mythology.
  • Iktome
    Creator and trickster in Assiniboine mythology.
  • Irik
    Primordial being in Iban mythology.
  • Irta, the "earth-maker"
    Serpentine form of Amun in the Theban creation myth. Successor of Kematef.
  • Itciai
    Jaguar and creator of water in Yaruro mythology.
  • Izanagi-no-mikoto
    Important early deity in Japanese mythology.
  • Izanami-no-mikoto
    Important early deity in Japanese mythology.
  • "Jaguar-Snake"
    Creator in Mixtec mythology.
  • Jalpan
    Primordial figure in Kokowarra mythology.
  • Jok, YA Latwer, Nhialic, Kuoth Nhial
    Creator and paramount deity in Acholi, Dinka and Nuer mythology.
  • Kaang, Great Master, ǀKágge̥n, ǀKaggən, Cagn
    The chthonic "Lord of All Life" of the San.
  • Kabezya-Mpungu
    Creator in Baluba mythology.
  • Kadifukke
    Trickster figure in Baluba mythology.
  • Kaltes-Ekwa, Kaltes Ankw
    Primeval being in Khanty-Mansi mythology.
  • Kamungarunga
    Primordial woman in Herero mythology.
  • Kamunu
    First man in Lozi mythology.
  • Kaptan
    Creator in Bisaya mythology.
  • Karora
    Primeval figure in Arrernte mythology.
  • Karusakaibo
    Creator in Munduruc mythology.
  • Keel'sah'ler'ke
    Buzzard and demiurgic figure in Cherokee mythology.
  • Keke7nex Siyam
    Creator in Squamish mythology.
  • Kematef
    Serpentine form of Amun in the Theban creation myth. Initial creator, succeeded by Irta.
  • Kénos'
    Demiurge and Howenh in Selk'nam mythology.
  • Kevish-Atakvish, Omai-Yamal
    Primordial being of the void in Payómkawichum mythology.
  • Khnum
    Egyptian potter god, associated with Ptah-Tatenen in some sources.
  • Khôngos
    Primordial giant in Vietnamese mythology.
  • Kiho
    Creator in the mythology of Tuamotu.
  • Kintu
    First man in Baganda mythology.
  • Kishelamakank
    Creator in Lenape mythology.
  • Kit-ka'ositiyi-qa
    Father of Raven in Cahto mythology.
  • Kokomaht and Bakotahl
    Twin creators, good and evil, in Kwtsaan mythology.
  • Kolombo mui fangi
    Trickster figure in Basonge mythology.
  • Kóoch
    Orderer of the cosmos in Tehuelche mythology.
  • Kótyangwúti ("Spider Grandmother")
    Primordial ruler of earth in Hopi mythology. Comparable to Tsichtinako.
  • Kukulkán, Q'uq'umatz, Gukumatz
    Creator in the lore of the Maya peoples.
  • Kuma
    Creator of the Yaruro according to their legends.
  • Kumpara
    Creator in Shuar mythology.
  • Kumush, Kumokums
    Creator in Modoc mythology.
  • Kun
    Creator in Aymara mythology.
  • Kuterastan
    Primordial being in Kiowa Apache mythology.
  • Llao
    Power of evil in Klamath mythology.
  • Lock-chew the Crayfish
    Earth-diver in Yuchi mythology.
  • "Lone Man"
    Primordial being in Mandan mythology.
  • Lowa
    Creator in the stories of the Marshall Islands.
  • Mago, Grandmother
    Primordial giantess in the Korean Magohalmi.
  • Maguayan
    Primordial figure in Bisaya mythology.
  • Makuru
    Primordial man in Herero mythology.
  • Maleiwa
    Creator in Wayuu mythology.
  • Mangala
    Creator in Mandé mythology.
  • Mangar-kunjer-kunja
    Creator of humanity in Arrernte mythology.
  • Manitou, Mashé Manido, Niwaskowôgan, Kisu'lk, Gisloog, Gici Niwaskw, Tabaldak, Kji Niskam
    Creator in Abenaki, Menominee and Mi'kmaq mythology. Probably the "All-Maker" of the Penobscot.
  • Manoid
    Primordial being in Orang Asli mythology.
  • Manuna
    Creator in Winnebago mythology.
  • Maori
    Creator in Shona mythology.
  • Marungere
    Creator in Kiwai mythology.
  • Matevilya
    Creator or demiurge in Mojave mythology.
  • Mayuruberu, Maturuberu
    Creator in Apurinã mythology.
  • Mbir, Miracucha
    Creator in Guarayú mythology.
  • Mbokomu
    Sky-woman dropped to earth in Ngombe mythology.
  • Mbombo, Bumba
    Creator in Kuba and Boshongo mythology.
  • Mehet-weret
    A deity of the primordial waters, associated with the Heliopolitan creation myth.
  • Melo
    Primordial figure in Minyong mythology.
  • Melu
    Creator in Bagobo mythology.
  • Membe'e
    First being and supporter of the cosmos in Bulu mythology.
  • Mireuk
    Primordial giant in the Korean Changsega.
  • "Monad", Bythos, Barbelo
    Major figures in the Valentinian and Sethian gnostic systems.
  • Mula Jadi na Bolon
    Creator in Toba Batak mythology.
  • Mulungu
    Creator in Yao mythology.
  • Mutshima ("Heart")
    Life force in Baluba mythology.
  • Mwile, Nkolle
    Vainglorious son of Fidi Mkullu in Basonge mythology.
  • Mwuetsi
    First man in Shona mythology.
  • Nainema
    Creator in Witoto mythology.
  • Nana Buluku, Olisabuluwa, Nana Bukuu
    Creator in Dahomey mythology. Also important in the tales of the Fon, Igbo and Yoruba.
  • Nanapesa, Nanishta-hullo-chito, Hushtahli, Ishtahullo-chito, Aba, Uba Pike
    Creator in Choctaw & Chickasaw mythology.
  • Napi, Napioa (the "Old Man")
    Primordial figure in Blackfoot and Káínawa mythology.
  • Nareau, Naareau, Na Arean
    Creator in Gilbertese, Hachamori and Vanuatan mythology.
  • Nasilele
    Wife of Nyambe in Lozi mythology.
  • Ndengei
    Creator in legends from Fiji.
  • Nefertum
    Lotus deity in the Memphite tradition.
  • Neith
    Goddess of war, associated with creation in Esna and Saïs.
  • Nga
    Primordial god of death in Nenets mythology.
  • Ngai, Enkai, Mwiai, Mwene Nyaga
    Creator in Kikuyu, Kamba and Maasai mythology.
  • Ngenechen
    Fourfold supreme being in Mapuche mythology.
  • Ngiṉṯaka
    Creator in Pitjantjatjara mythology.
  • Ngurunderi
    Primordial figure in Ngarrindjeri mythology.
  • Niłch'i Diyin ("Holy Wind")
    Creator in Navajo mythology.
  • Niparaya
    Creator in Pericú mythology.
  • Nishanu
    Creator in Arikara mythology.
  • Nostu-Nōpantu
    Demiurge in Garo mythology.
  • Nu, Nun
    Personification of the primordial waters in manifold Egyptian traditions.
  • Num, Num-Toorum
    Primeval being in Khanty-Mansi mythology and ruler of heaven in Nenets lore.
  • Numakulla
    Two sky gods and creators in Arrernte mythology.
  • Nummo, one being Yorugu
    Male and female twins fathered by Amma in Dogon mythology.
  • Nyambe
    Creator in Lozi mythology.
  • Nyx
    First principle in Orphic mythology.
  • Nzame, Nzambe (Nzame, Mebere and Nkwa)
    Triune creative deity in Fang mythology.
  • Obassi Osaw and Obassi Nsi
    Creators in Ekoi mythology.
  • Obatala
    Chief demiurge in Yoruba mythology.
  • Ogdoad, Hermopolitan (ḫmnyw)
    Eight male/female dualities, particularly associated with Hermopolis. Of their number, Amun became especially important in his own right.
  • "Old Man in the Heavens"
    Creator in Wiyot mythology.
  • "Old Mole"
    Companion of Coyote in Shasta mythology.
  • Olodumare
    Creator in Yoruba mythology.
  • Omam
    Creator in Yanomami mythology.
  • Ōmeteōtl (Tōnacātēcuhtli and Tōnacācihuātl, or Ōmetēuctli and Ōmecihuātl)
    Duality composed of male-female deities, primordial figure in Aztec mythology.
  • Omumborombonga, the "father of life"
    Primordial tree in Herero mythology, from whose roots the primordial couple and Nguni cattle emerged.
  • Otsirvani, Otshirvani
    Creator in Siberian mythology.
  • "Our Father" the Sun
    Creator in Apapocúva mythology.
  • Pangu
    Primordial being in Chinese mythology.
  • Papa, Papatūānuku
    Creator in Māori mythology.
  • Papan
    Creator in Mayangna mythology.
  • Parnuen
    Primordial being in Tasmanian mythology.
  • Pedn
    Primordial being in Orang Asli mythology.
  • Pokoh
    Creator in Ute mythology.
  • Ptah, Ptah-Tatenen
    According to Memphite tradition, the god who thought the world into being.
  • Puana
    Creator in Yaruro mythology.
  • Pūluga
    Creator deity in Andamanese legend.
  • "Puma-Snake"
    Creator in Mixtec mythology.
  • Pun Miaupa
    Primordial figure in Yana mythology.
  • Purusha, Atman, Brahman
    Primordial being in Hinduism.
  • Qamatha
    Secondary creator in Xhosa mythology.
  • Quaayayp
    Creator of humanity in Pericú mythology.
  • Quat
    Creator in legends from the Banks Islands.
  • "Rainbow Snake"
    Important primordial entity in Australian mythologies.
  • Rangi, Ranginui, Raki, Rakinui
    Creator in Māori mythology.
  • "Raven"
    Important primordial entity in the legends of the Inuit, Chuckchi and Yupik peoples. As Yáahl, Raven is the fashioner of Haida Gwaii in Haida mythology. Additionally, Raven appears as a demiurge in Cahto mythology.
  • Re
    Major Egyptian sun deity, the son of Neith in the creation tale of Esna and Saïs.
  • Rod, Deivos, Krodo
    Primordial deity in Slavonic mythology.
  • Roog
    Creator in Serer mythology.
  • Ruhanga
    Creator in Bunyoro mythology.
  • Sa ("Death")
    Primordial figure in Kono mythology.
  • Sat Guru, Waheguru, Ik Onkar
    Creator in Sikhism.
  • Schodelick, Swadick, Hode and Stoodke
    Brothers and demiurges in Skagit mythology.
  • "Sea Woman"
    Destructive primordial being in Salinan mythology.
  • Sedi
    Primordial figure in Minyong mythology.
  • Sedna
    Daughter of Anguta in Oqomiut mythology.
  • Shida Matunda
    Creator in Nyamwezi mythology.
  • Shuzanghu
    Creator in Dhammai mythology.
  • "Silver-Fox"
    Companion of Coyote in Achomawi mythology.
  • Singabonga
    Creator in Birhor mythology.
  • Skell
    Power of good in Klamath mythology.
  • "Sky Woman"
    Important primordial figure in Iroquois, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca and Wyandot mythology.
  • Sombov
    Creator in Buryat mythology.
  • Suelick
    Creator in Skagit mythology.
  • Surtr
    Primordial fire-giant in Norse mythology.
  • Tagaloa, Tangaloa, Tangaroa
    Creator in Samoan mythology, as well as an important figure in Māori and Tongan legends.
  • Taiko-mol ("Solitary Walker")
    Creator in Yuki mythology.
  • Tatara-Rabuga
    Creator in Garo mythology.
  • Tawa
    Heavenly being in Hopi mythology.
  • Temáukel
    Creator in Selk'nam mythology.
  • Tengri
    Creator in Mongolic and Turkic mythology.
  • Thetis
    Nereid and possible creator in Greek mythology.
  • Thiǁoab, Tsuiǁgoab, Thixo
    High god and creator in Khoekhoe and Xhosa mythology.
  • "Thunderbird"
    Creator in Chinook mythology.
  • Tiamat
    Primordial being in the Enûma Eliš.
  • Tirawa, Tirawahat ("Space")
    Creator in Pawnee mythology.
  • Tjirbruki, Old
    Primordial figure of the Kaurna, who fled the flooding of his land to the south and gave the people laws.
  • Tonga-iti
    Creator in Tongan mythology.
  • Tornaq
    Primordial evil lurking in the abyss in the stories of the Iñupiaq of the Noatak River.
  • Tsetse Bumba
    Troublesome black leapord spirit of lightning in Kuba and Boshongo mythology.
  • Tsichtinako, Ts'its'tsi'nako, Tse che nako, Sus'sistinako, Sussistinnako
    Creator in Acoma, Kawaik and Zia mythology. Probably identical with the Kótyangwúti of the Hopi.
  • Tuina
    Primordial figure in Yana mythology.
  • Tupa
    Creator in Guaraní mythology and demiurgic figure in Apapocúva legend.
  • "Turtle"
    Primordial being in Maidu mythology.
  • Uchtsiti
    Creator in Acoma mythology.
  • Ugatame
    Creator in Mee mythology.
  • Unkulunkulu
    Creator from Uhlanga in Zulu mythology.
  • Vatea
    Creator in Tongan mythology.
  • Vena
    Primordial being in Tasmanian mythology.
  • Viracocha
    Creator in Inca mythology.
  • Wagyl
    Creator in Noongar mythology.
  • Wakara
    Primordial figure in Yana mythology.
  • Wakonda
    Creator in Omaha mythology.
  • Whee-me-me-ow-ah
    Demiurge in Tututni mythology.
  • "Wild Cat"
    Companion of Coyote in Kuupanqaxwichen mythology.
  • Woyengi
    Creator in Ijaw mythology.
  • Wulbari ("Heaven")
    Primordial entity in Krachi mythology.
  • Wuraka
    Giant and orderer of the cosmos in Kakadu mythology.
  • Xáays ("Transformers")
    Three demiurgic figures in Squamish mythology.
  • Xolas
    Creator in Kawésqar mythology.
  • Xowalaci
    Creator in Tututni mythology.
  • Yhi
    Primordial figure in Gamilaraay mythology.
  • YHWH, Elohim, Allāh
    Creator in the Abrahamic faiths, as well as the legends of the Romanians and Swahili coastmen.
  • Ymir, Aurgelmir
    Primordial giant in Norse mythology.
  • Yoalox-brothers
    Creators in Yaghan mythology.
  • Yototowi
    Creation of Coyote in Nisenan mythology.
  • Zambe
    Son of Membe'e in Bulu mythology and creator of life.
  • Zumaing-Nui
    Creatrix in Dhammai mythology.
  • Zurvan
    God of time and first principle in Zurvanism.
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