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Flag of Mauritius.


Mauritius FA logo.


The table below displays a list of champions of Mauritius.

2018-19Pamplemousses SC
2017-18Pamplemousses SC
2016-17Pamplemousses SC
2015-16AS Port-Louis 2020
2014-15Cercle de Joachim
2013-14Cercle de Joachim
2012-13Curepipe Starlight SC
2011-12Pamplemousses SC
2011AS Port-Louis 2020
2010Pamplemousses SC
2008-09Curepipe Starlight SC
2007-08Curepipe Starlight SC
2006-07Curepipe Starlight SC
2005-06Pamplemousses SC
2004-05AS Port-Louis 2020
2003-04AS Port-Louis 2020
2003AS Port-Louis 2020
2002AS Port-Louis 2020
2001Olympique de Moka
2000No competition
1998-99Fire Brigade SC
1997-98Scouts Club
1996-97Sunrise Flacq United
1995-96Sunrise Flacq United
1994-95Sunrise Flacq United
1993-94Fire Brigade SC
1992-93Fire Brigade SC
1991-92Sunrise Flacq United
1990-91Sunrise Flacq United
1989-90Sunrise Flacq United
1988-89Sunrise Flacq United
1987-88Fire Brigade SC
1986-87Sunrise Flacq United
1985-86Cadets Club
1984-85Fire Brigade SC
1983-84Fire Brigade SC
1982-83Fire Brigade SC
1981-82Police Club
1980-81Police Club
1979-80Fire Brigade SC
1978-79Hindu Cadets
1977-78Racing Club
1976-77Hindu Cadets
1976Muslim Scouts Club
1975Hindu Cadets
1974Fire Brigade SC
1973Fire Brigade SC
1972Police Club
1971Police Club
1970FC Dodo
1969No competition
1968FC Dodo
1967Police Club
1966FC Dodo
1965Police Club
1964FC Dodo
1963Racing Club
1962Police Club
1961Fire Brigade SC
1960No competition
1959FC Dodo
1957FC Dodo
1956No competition
1953FC Dodo
1952No competition
1951FC Dodo
1950Fire Brigade SC
1948FC Dodo
1947Collège St. Esprit
1946FC Dodo
1945FC Dodo
1944FC Dodo
1943No competition
1942Fire Brigade SC
1940-41No competition
1939FC Dodo
1938FC Dodo
1935Curepipe SC
Sir Graham