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Flag of Jersey.


Jersey FA logo.


The table below displays a list of champions of Jersey.

 James Marquis Memorial TrophySt. Paul's Trophy
2019-20Jersey WanderersSt. Ouen
2018-19St. Paul'sGrouville
2017-18St. Paul'sTrinity
2016-17St. Paul'sSt. Clement
2015-16St. Paul'sRozel Rovers
2014-15St. Paul'sSt. John
2013-14St. Paul'sFirst Tower United
2012-13Jersey ScottishTrinity
2011-12Jersey ScottishSt. Brelade
2010-11St. Paul'sFirst Tower United
2009-10St. Paul'sJersey Wanderers
2008-09St. Paul'sPortuguese
2007-08St. Paul'sSt. Ouen
2006-07Jersey ScottishPortuguese
2005-06St. PeterSt. Ouen
2004-05Jersey ScottishRozel Rovers
2003-04Jersey ScottishGrouville
2002-03TrinitySporting Academicals
2001-02St. PeterPortuguese
2000-01St. PeterSt. John
1999-2000St. Paul'sTrinity
1998-99Jersey ScottishSt. John
1997-98Jersey ScottishGrouville
1996-97Jersey ScottishSporting Academicals
1995-96Jersey ScottishMagpies
1994-95First Tower UnitedPortuguese
1993-94First Tower UnitedRozel Rovers
1992-93Jersey ScottishSt. Ouen
1991-92Jersey ScottishPortuguese
1990-91Sporting AcademicsRozel Rovers
1989-90Jersey WanderersPortuguese
1988-89Jersey WanderersRozel Rovers
1987-88St. Paul'sSt. Ouen
1986-87St. Paul'sMagpies
1985-86Jersey WanderersSt. Ouen
1984-85Jersey WanderersLe Masuriers
1983-84First Tower UnitedSt. Clement
1982-83First Tower UnitedSt. Ouen
1981-82St. Paul'sTrinity
1980-81Jersey WanderersJersey Scottish
1979-80St. Paul'sRozel Rovers
1977-78First Tower UnitedJersey Anglos
1976-77First Tower UnitedJersey Wanderers
1975-76First Tower UnitedRozel Rovers
1974-75First Tower UnitedSt. Ouen
1973-74First Tower UnitedGrouville
1972-73First Tower UnitedSt. Ouen & St. Martin
1971-72First Tower UnitedSt. Ouen
1970-71Jersey WanderersGrouville
1969-70First Tower UnitedSt. Ouen
1968-69First Tower UnitedGrouville
1967-68Jersey WanderersSt. Ouen
1966-67GeorgetownSt. Ouen
1965-66First Tower UnitedSt. Brelade
1964-65GeorgetownSt. Ouen
1963-64OaklandsSt. Ouen
1962-63Jersey WanderersSt. Ouen
1961-62Jersey WanderersGrouville
 James Marquis Memorial TrophySaturday Football League
1960-61Beeches Old BoysGrouville
1959-60OaklandsSt. Saviour
1958-59First Tower UnitedSt. Saviour
1957-58Beeches Old BoysSt. Saviour
1956-57MagpiesSt. Clement
1955-56Beeches Old BoysSt. Saviour
1952-53Beeches Old BoysSpringfield
1951-52Jersey WanderersSt. Saviour
1950-51St. Paul'sSylvans
1949-50St. Paul'sSylvans
1948-49St. Paul'sSylvans
1947-48Jersey WanderersSylvans
1946-47Beeches Old BoysSpringfield
1945-46No competitionSylvans
1944-45No competitionNo competition
1943-44No competitionSt. Martin
1942-43No competitionSt. Martin
1941-42No competitionSylvans
1939-41No competitionNo competition
1937-38First Tower UnitedRyans
1936-37First Tower UnitedRyans
1935-36St. Paul'sRyans
1934-35Jersey WanderersRyans
 James Marquis Memorial Trophy
1931-32Jersey Wanderers
 Jackson Trophy
1930-31Jersey Wanderers
1929-30Jersey Wanderers
1928-29First Tower United
1927-28Jersey Wanderers
1926-27First Tower United
1925-262nd Battalion East Surrey Regiment
1922-23St. Paul's
 2nd McLean Cup
1921-22Jersey Wanderers
1920-21Jersey Wanderers
1919-20National Rovers
1914-19World War I
1913-141st Battalion Devon Regiment
1912-13Jersey Wanderers
1911-121st Battalion Devon Regiment
 1st McLean Cup
1910-112nd Battalion King's Own Regiment
1909-102nd Battalion King's Own Regiment
1908-092nd Battalion King's Own Regiment
1907-081st Battalion East Surrey Regiment
1906-071st Battalion East Surrey Regiment
1905-06Jersey Wanderers
1904-0520th Company Royal Garrison Artillery
Sir Graham