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The table below displays a list of champions of Italy.

 Serie ASerie B
2020-21Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Empoli
2019-20Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Benevento
2018-19Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Brescia
2017-18Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Empoli
2016-17Club colours. JuventusClub colours. SPAL
2015-16Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Cagliari
2014-15Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Carpi
2013-14Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Palermo
2012-13Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Sassuolo
2011-12Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Pescara
2010-11Club colours. MilanClub colours. Atalanta
2009-10Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Lecce
2008-09Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Bari
2007-08Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Chievo Verona
2006-07Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Juventus
2005-06Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Atalanta
2004-05Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Genoa 1893
2003-04Club colours. MilanClub colours. Palermo
2002-03Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Siena
2001-02Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Como
2000-01Club colours. AS RomaClub colours. Torino
1999-2000Club colours. LazioClub colours. Vicenza
1998-99Club colours. MilanClub colours. Hellas Verona
1997-98Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Salernitana
1996-97Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Brescia
1995-96Club colours. MilanClub colours. Bologna
1994-95Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Piacenza
1993-94Club colours. MilanClub colours. Fiorentina
1992-93Club colours. MilanClub colours. Reggiana
1991-92Club colours. MilanClub colours. Brescia
1990-91Club colours. SampdoriaClub colours. Foggia
1989-90Club colours. NapoliClub colours. Torino
1988-89Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Genoa 1893
1987-88Club colours. MilanClub colours. Bologna
1986-87Club colours. NapoliClub colours. Pescara
1985-86Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Ascoli
1984-85Club colours. Hellas VeronaClub colours. Pisa
1983-84Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Atalanta
1982-83Club colours. AS RomaClub colours. Milan
1981-82Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Hellas Verona
1980-81Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Milan
1979-80Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Como
1978-79Club colours. MilanClub colours. Udinese
1977-78Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Ascoli
1976-77Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Lanerossi Vicenza
1975-76Club colours. TorinoClub colours. Genoa 1893
1974-75Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Perugia
1973-74Club colours. LazioClub colours. Varese
1972-73Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Genoa 1893
1971-72Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Ternana
1970-71Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Mantova
1969-70Club colours. CagliariClub colours. Varese
1968-69Club colours. FiorentinaClub colours. Lazio
1967-68Club colours. MilanClub colours. Palermo
1966-67Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Sampdoria
1965-66Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Venezia
1964-65Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Brescia
1963-64Club colours. BolognaClub colours. Varese
1962-63Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Messina
1961-62Club colours. MilanClub colours. Genoa 1893
1960-61Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Venezia
1959-60Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Torino
1958-59Club colours. MilanClub colours. Atalanta
1957-58Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Triestina
1956-57Club colours. MilanClub colours. Hellas Verona
1955-56Club colours. FiorentinaClub colours. Udinese
1954-55Club colours. MilanClub colours. Lanerossi Vicenza
1953-54Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Catania
1952-53Club colours. InternazionaleClub colours. Genoa 1893
1951-52Club colours. JuventusClub colours. AS Roma
1950-51Club colours. MilanClub colours. SPAL
1949-50Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Napoli
1948-49Club colours. TorinoClub colours. Como
 Serie ASerie B Girone ASerie B Girone BSerie B Girone C
1947-48Club colours. TorinoClub colours. NovaraClub colours. PadovaClub colours. Palermo
1946-47Club colours. TorinoClub colours. Pro PatriaClub colours. LuccheseClub colours. Salernitana
 Serie ASerie B
1945-46Club colours. TorinoNo Competition
1943-45World War II
1942-43Club colours. TorinoClub colours. Modena
1941-42Club colours. AS RomaClub colours. Bari
1940-41Club colours. BolognaClub colours. Sampierdarenese
1939-40Club colours. Ambrosiana-InterClub colours. Atalanta
1938-39Club colours. BolognaClub colours. Fiorentina
1937-38Club colours. Ambrosiana-InterClub colours. Modena
1936-37Club colours. BolognaClub colours. Livorno
1935-36Club colours. BolognaClub colours. Lucchese
 Serie ASerie B Girone ASerie B Girone B
1934-35Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Genoa 1893Club colours. Bari
 Serie ASerie B
1933-34Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Sampierdarenese
1932-33Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Livorno
1931-32Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Palermo
1930-31Club colours. JuventusClub colours. Fiorentina
1929-30Club colours. AmbrosianaClub colours. Casale
 Divisione Nationale
1928-29Club colours. Bologna
1927-28Club colours. Torino
1926-27Club colours. Torino
 Prima Divisione
1925-26Club colours. Juventus
1924-25Club colours. Bologna
1923-24Club colours. Genoa 1893
1922-23Club colours. Genoa 1893
 Prima Divisione (CCI)Prima Categoria (FIGC)
1921-22Club colours. Pro VercelliClub colours. Novese
 Prima Categoria
1920-21Club colours. Pro Vercelli
1919-20Club colours. Internazionale
1915-19World War I
1914-15Club colours. Genoa 1893
1913-14Club colours. Casale
 FNGIPrima Categoria
1912-13Club colours. Andrea DoriaClub colours. Pro Vercelli
1911-12Club colours. Andrea DoriaClub colours. Pro Vercelli
1910-11Club colours. FS BentegodiClub colours. Pro Vercelli
1909-10Club colours. Andrea DoriaClub colours. Internazionale
 Prima Categoria
1909Club colours. Pro Vercelli
 FNGIPrima Categoria
1908Club colours. VeneziaClub colours. Pro Vercelli
1907Club colours. MilanClub colours. Milan
1906Club colours. MilanClub colours. Milan
1905Club colours. MilanClub colours. Juventus
1904Club colours. MilanClub colours. Genoa 1893
 Campionato Italiano di Football
1903Club colours. Genoa 1893
 FNGICampionato Italiano di FootballMedaglia di Re
1902Club colours. MediolanumClub colours. Genoa 1893Club colours. Milan
1901Club colours. MediolanumClub colours. MilanClub colours. Milan
 Campionato Italiano di FootballMedaglia di Re
1900Club colours. Genoa 1893Club colours. Milan
 Campionato Italiano di Football
1899Club colours. Genoa 1893
 FNGICampionato Italiano di Football
1898Club colours. SG TorineseClub colours. Genoa 1893
1897Club colours. SG Torinese
 Torneo Interprovinciale Ginnastico
 WinnersRunners up
1896Club colours. S Udine GSClub colours. PG Ferrara
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