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Flag of Guinea.


Guinea FA logo.


The table below displays a list of champions of Guinea.

2018-19Horoya AC
2017-18Horoya AC
2016-17Horoya AC
2015-16Horoya AC
2014-15Horoya AC
2013-14AS Kaloum Star
2013Horoya AC
2011-12Horoya AC
2010-11Horoya AC
2009-10Fello Star
2008-09Fello Star
2008Fello Star
2007AS Kaloum Star
2006Fello Star
2005Satellite FC
2004Fello Star
2002Satellite FC
2001Horoya AC
1999-2000Horoya AC
1999No competition
1998AS Kaloum Star
1997No competition
1996AS Kaloum Star
1995AS Kaloum Star
1994Horoya AC
1993AS Kaloum Star
1992Horoya AC
1991Horoya AC
1990Horoya AC
1989Horoya AC
1988Horoya AC
1987AS Kaloum Star
1986Horoya AC
1985Hafia FC
1984AS Kaloum Star
1983Hafia FC
1982Hafia FC
1981AS Kaloum Star
1980AS Kaloum Star
1979Hafia FC
1978Hafia FC
1977Hafia FC
1976Hafia FC
1975Hafia FC
1974Hafia FC
1973Hafia FC
1972Hafia FC
1971Hafia FC
1970AS Kaloum Star
1969Conakry I
1968-69Conakry II
1967-68Conakry II
1966-67Conakry II
1965-66Conakry II
Sir Graham